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For more than 100 years CEAG products, part of Eaton’s Crouse-Hinds Series, have provided unsurpassed quality, industry-leading innovation and efficiency, and certifications for global specifications.

  • Portable LED Ex-Lamps
  • Ex-LED Emergency and Signal Luminaires
  • Ex-Linear LED Light Fittings
  • Ex-LED Ceiling, Pendant Lights and Floodlights
  • Plugs and Receptacles for Zone 1 – low voltage and 7/21 multi-pole
    1. Specially designed for low-voltage and multi-pole connections.
  • Plugs and Receptacles for Zone 1: 10 – 125A
    1. Plugs and receptacles for zone 1/21 hazardous areas with high ingress protection for safe and reliable connections.
  • Universal Ex-Terminal Boxes Plastic
    1. Terminal boxes for instrumentation applications.
    2. Available in 5 sizes with 6 to max.
    3. 60 connection terminals.
  • Ex-Installation Switch
    1.  Installation switch with luminous label.
    2. For use both indoors and outdoors.
    3. Can entry from top or bottom.
  • Empty enclosures for individual Ex-Control Stations
    1. Empty enclosure can be individually equipped with certified components.
    2. Large variety of enclosure sizes.
  • Ex-Control Stations
    1. Control units in moulded plastic and light alloy versions.
    2. Enclosures can be combined and equipped individually.
  • Components for individual Ex-Control Stations
    1. Components to build into individual designed control stations series Ghg41 … – GHG 48 ..
  • Ex-Control and Signal Units for Panel Mounting
    1. Built-in elements for switch panel mounting up to a wall thickness of 5 mm.
    2. All components with slip-on strain relief and protective cap.
  • Ex-Control-Switches
    1. Control switches with up to 6 contacts and 2 – 5 switch positions.
    2. 6 mm² cable clamping range allows the connection of multi-wire conductors.
  • Plastic Cable Glands
    1. Cable glands made of moulded plastic with metric screw-in thread.
    2. For the economical and flexible use of electrical equipment.
  • Metal Cable Glands Type ADE-Ex-d/e
    1. Ex-d metal cable gland for direct mounting in Ex-d enclosures.
    2. For cables with and without armouring.