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With products of Crouse-Hinds Series, Eaton is the brand that stands for safety and reliability in the harshest of environments when power management is most critical. While it all began with the Condulet®, the Crouse-Hinds Series has grown into the premier name for electrical products for hazardous, industrial and commercial applications worldwide.

Product Range :

                                       Condulet® Form 5 Conduit Outlet Bodies

  • Ideal for threaded rigid/IMC conduit systems in commercial and light industrial applications
  • Available in shapes C, LB, LL, LR, T, TB, X
  • 1/2″ to 4″
 Condulet® Form 5 Conduit Outlet Bodies

  • Lightweight and corrosion-resistant for long, reliable service; interchangeable with other manufacturers
  • Available in shapes C, LB, LL, LR, T, TB, X
  • 1/2″ to 4″
  • Copper-free aluminium
    CG Series Color-coded Cord Grips

  • Neoprene bushings are colour-coded by cable diameter for quick and easy identification of proper cord grip
  • For use with portable cords, including S, SO, STO, ST, SJ, SJT, SJTO and SVO

  • EMT fittings are used to join EMT conduit to a box or enclosure

  • Hubs are ideal for terminating electrical conduit through the walls of enclosures
 Incandescent Luminaires

  • Use incandescent luminaires for the general area or spotlighting in industrial locations
  • Mount incandescent luminaires directly in the conduit system or attached to cast outlet boxes, by means of the pendant, ceiling, wall bracket, or stanchion mountings.
       LED Luminaires

  • Dramatic advances in technology for LED luminaires broadened the applicability of this type of illumination, creating an exciting new option for hazardous, industrial and other highly demanding locations.
  • Compared to traditional light sources, LED luminaires can deliver longer life, enhanced energy efficiency, greater eco-friendliness, lowered maintenance demands and equal or better quality of light.
 Cable Glands

  • Designed for strict adherence to global specifications meeting North American and international codes and standards including NEC, CEC, ATEX, IECEx, and regional certifications.
 Conduit Bodies and Outlet Boxes – Hazardous

  • Conduit boxes and bodies for installation in hazardous area conduit systems to act as pull and splice outlets, mounting outlets or supports for luminaires, or sealing fittings.
 Conduit Seals, Breathers and Drains

  • Conduit sealing fittings that provide ventilation in enclosures, prevent the accumulation of moisture in electrical systems and prevent the passage of gases, vapours, and flames through conduit run into other portions of an electrical installation.
 Condulet® Conduit Bodies and Outlet Boxes – Non-hazardous

  • Conduit outlet boxes for installation in non-hazardous area conduit systems to act as pull outlets, make 90° bends, provide for splices, taps, mounting outlets, etc.
 Condulet® Conduit Device Boxes – Non-hazardous

  • Conduit device boxes for installation in non-hazardous area conduit systems to accommodate wiring devices, act as pull boxes, or provide openings for taps and splices.
  • Available in two box depths with a wide variety of hub configurations and sizes.
 Elbows, Couplings, Hubs, Grounding Devices, Plugs, Reducers, Service Entrance and Unions

  • The miscellaneous fittings needed to complete an electrical conduit system from the overhead service entrance to machinery, luminaires, and/or final electrical outlets.
 Arktite Industrial Plugs & Receptacles – Non-hazardous

  • For providing distribution of secondary electrical power and quick disconnect from a power source.
 Arktite and Ark•Gard Industrial Plugs & Receptacles – Hazardous
 Interlocked Heavy Duty Plugs & Receptacles – Hazardous 

  • Supplies power to portable electrical equipment and provides safe disconnect means and short circuit protection.
  • Interlocked units provide dead front receptacles.
  • A connection cannot be made or broken when the unit is under load.
 Cast Metallic Enclosures – Explosionproof or Flameproof Hazardous Applications

  • Used to function as a splice box, pull box, or equipment and device enclosure.
  • Ideal for enclosing instrumentation and control devices, custom-built control panels, ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, or other indicating devices.
 Industrial Cord and Cable Reels

  • Cable reels are designed for the constant, predictable pull of a machine.
  • Typical uses include travelling cars, mobile hoists, and various objects being lifted under power such as lifting magnets on cranes.