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Max has always promptly identified up-to-date needs and in its founding period from 1942 and 1950s. Max produced Japan’s first small-sized stapler, hand tacker, and drafting machine. These early products gained the confidence of many customers, and Max became clearly involved in the fields of products for ‘fastening’, ‘binding’ and ‘drawing’.

Throughout the 1990s, Max has been studying ‘Write’ and ‘Print’ to make a variety of lettering works comfortably. They have various products for different needs, “Bepop” for in-house handy creation of P.O.P display for the stores, station information boards, factory environment, and safety instruction boards, PL labels, nameplate labels, etc. “LETATWIN” for directly printing onto electric wiring tubes.

Product Categories

  • MAX Brand Electronic Lettering Machine, LETATWIN, LM-550A/PC, LM-550E and its accessories
  • MAX Brand Label Printing and Cutting Machine, BEPOP, CPM-100, CPM-200 and its accessories

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